Weekly Before / After School Care

Weekly Before / After School Care

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The perfect School Age Program for your 1st - 6th grader.

The Verbose Language Learning Center before and after school program encourages children to become multilingual in a fun, safe, welcoming environment where they can spend time adjacent to the school day in an enriched, active learning space, having fun with others, and exploring language and culture through exciting in and out-door activities. 

Verbose LLC empowers youth towards self-confidence, encourages exploration of the world around them, and builds friendships.  Verbose kids will have fun supervised activities, structured play, and a language lesson daily.  They will receive homework assistance and supervised reading time.  

Verbose LLC provides a comprehensive program including supervised physical and quiet activities, nutritious breakfast and afternoon snacks, facilitating a high level of mental strength in addition to physical health and wellness.  Verbose encourages stronger and more diverse, positive social relationships, and better-balanced emotional health. 

  • Licensed, trained child care providers leading programs and helping with homework.
  • Serving all local schools in both Wichita and Maize Districts.
  • Available to children ages 6-12, enrolled in Kindergarten through sixth grade at participating schools
  • Open, daily M-F, from 7:00 AM until the start of the school day and/or from the end of the school day until 6PM
  • Available to all - DCF and Third-party Payments are welcome
  • School-Age Care is billed weekly.  Price includes before and after school care. Payment is due by Monday morning of the service week.
  • Complimented by camps during scheduled school day out for comprehensive childcare services.

Verbose LLC is economically priced to include:

  • Nutritious breakfast and/or after-school snacks
  • An extended day in the academic environment with homework assistance
  • Time for structured, physical activities are quiet, individual activities
  • Seasonal themes, topics, and adventures that ensure culturally dynamic opportunities