What is Verbose?

What is Verbose LLC?  Verbose Language Learning Center, new to Wichita, is a fun-filled, active learning environment, where children are encouraged to become multilingual through immersion in language and cultural activities, both in and outside of the center, empowering them to become lifelong learners who positively impact society and humanity on a global scale.


What is the Verbose teaching model?  At Verbose your child will learn a new language in a creative exploratory teaching model centered around the excitement of cultural immersion.  The Verbose model is experience based and hands-on, incorporating songs, games, activities, and interactive leaning exercises that are so much fun the academic concepts are readily absorbed.  All your child’s favorite topics are presented through the lens of language and culture in everyday concepts which are most usable in conversation learned contextually, so that students can easily understand and remember them.  Verbose is an extraordinary place where the experience of learning meets fun.


How are the Verbose teaching staff qualified?  All Verbose teaching staff are either currently working in the school district, or college students studying to become language teachers.  Weekly guest instructors, who are local professors or educators whose area of study applies to a specific language topic, are routinely invited to present.  All volunteers and staff are fingerprinted and background checked to ensure child safety.


Why you should enroll your child?  At Verbose Language Learning Center, your child will become a “polyglot”, (a person who speaks multiple languages), which is much better than a “pollywog”, (a tadpole), which is the term we use for students not pursuing mental and physical growth over summer break. 

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