Tea-Licious at the Wichita Children's Business Fair

Avery Winters is 11, he was born in Enid Oklahoma.

His family moved to Wichita Kansas when he was 3 years old.

He attends Horace Mann Elementary School.

His Favorite color is Green.

Favorite Sport is Basketball.

He enjoys cooking, playing video games, and traveling with his Grandparents.

This summer he will cruise the Bahamas, visit Disney World, and spend a couple weeks in Los Angeles with them.

Avery's favorite subjects in school Math and Science.

Avery loves Verbose LLC because you can hang out with your friends and speak Spanish, which can be like a secret code language because not everybody will understand what you are saying.

 If Avery had a pet it would be a Husky named Shadow.

Avery wanted to do the Kids Business Fair because you get to innovate and create a business that no one has ever heard of before.

Avery's favorite iced tea is Hibiscus, he makes it all the time at home.

Avery think's he will make over $500 at the business fair.

Avery's booth is sponsored by Verbose LLC and Trimmell & Anders Orthodontists.

Thank you for visiting this site to learn more about Avery and his business Tea-licious!

Check out these pics!


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  • Congratulations on your creativity with your tea. Praying this will be a successful event and you reach your goal.

    Grandma love you!!!


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