Six Reasons Your Child Should Learn Another Language at Verbose

1.) Your child will have so much fun!   

At Verbose Language Learning Center your child will travel around the world without leaving the Center.  They will explore culture, and language while having so much fun singing songs and playing games that they won’t even realize they are learning.  Weekly topics cover the most exciting concepts and everything is viewed through the cultural lens.  Not only will your child exercise their mind, but also their bodies with three hours of outdoor activities daily; plus weekly swimming and field trips.  Verbose camp is kind of like a kid’s stay-cation with all the thrills of world travel.  Verbose camp is like summer school without the s and h, cool.  It’s the perfect solution for savvy moms!      


2.) Language learning makes people more creative. 

                The more you learn another language, the more creative you get in describing situations and expressing yourself, because you will think about how to say things in different ways.  It will help develop your sense of humor, and give you a bigger worldview.


3.)  Your child will gain higher emotional intelligence.   

Language learning increases perception, perspective, and ability to relate and interact in diverse groups with people from other nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures.  Studies show that students who learn another language are more perceptive of other people’s points of view and more aware of their surroundings.  This lends to better verbal and non-verbal communication and heightened decision-making skills, specifically in team or group settings.  Cultural competency is critically important today.  What better way to build soft skills than through language learning?  Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein is credited with saying that “the limits of your language are the limits of your world.”  The world is truly a smaller and friendlier place when you’re bilingual! 


4.)  Your child will be smarter! 

Language learning increases academic performance as well as makes students more rational and logical.  Research shows that students who become bilingual have increased critical thinking, problem solving, and study skills enabling them to score higher on standardized math, reading, and vocabulary tests.    The practice required, repetitive memory techniques, and focus learned in language exercises translate to overall improved academic endurance and achievement. Language learning improves overall communication by developing four key skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.  Not only will your child learn a new language, but he or she will also speak English better.  As grammatical understanding of language structure and mechanics improves, so will overall vocabulary.  For every new Spanish word your child will learn exponentially more English words as well.


5.) Language learning makes you a better multi-tasker.

                New Research shows that bilingual people do better in mental challenges and are more skilled at multi-tasking than those who speak just one language.  Conceiving thoughts in one language, then converting them into speech make students think fast. Learning language increases mental coordination.


6.)  Your child’s brain will be healthier. 

Treat your child’s brain like a muscle and help it grow strong and healthy!  Studies show that the best age to start learning a second language is early childhood to adolescence.  Being bilingual increases brain capacity, attention span, and improves memory as well.  Studies show that bilingualism can prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia by slowing brain aging.  Learning another language has an overwhelmingly positive effect on the brain.  The American Academy of Neurology reports that learning to speak another language increases the number of neural pathways in the brain, allowing information to flow through a greater variety of channels.  It has been demonstrated that language learning improves development in the brain’s executive function, no matter what age the language learner is. 


7.)  There is no other learning center like Verbose!

                Verbose is designed for children to and learn another language while having fun in a safe environment.  You can’t separate the words “language-learning-fun” at verbose.  Safety and language-learning-fun is the attitude of our staff and the basis of our center’s existence.  Bring your children and see them grow physically and intellectually in a safe environment of laughter and smiles.

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