Give your child the advantage!

Which language(s) do you speak? Our world is becoming increasingly  smaller and multilingual!

In Canada....

11.9% of the population speaks a language other than English or French at home.  In Toronto specifically, 31% of the population speaks a language other than English or French at home.

In the United States....

21% of school-age children (between ages 5-17) speak a language other than English at home. This number is projected to increase drastically in the coming years.  I would love for the Verbose Language Learning Center to play a central role in the increase in multilingual American children.  Verbose is a place where kids can learn organically through immersive play and one to one tutoring with Language Instructors.  It’s amazing what children can teach each other and what we can learn from them at home as adults.  Supporting the language learning of kids can easily become a family activity that brings everyone together. 

Worldwide, it is estimated that....

There are more second language speakers of English than native speakers.  That’s a pretty interesting and awesome fact!  Can you imagine that more people have learned to speak English around the world than those who are born in English speaking homes?  Plus, there are currently as many bilingual children as there are monolingual children.  This is no surprise!  Kids have such capacity for learning, it always amazes me what they can remember! 

What does all this mean for your family? 

Retaining our cultural heritage and learning about other cultures around the world can unlock our children’s creativity and their capacity to learn and succeed in every academic subject area.  Kids brains are muscles that with exercise can become incredibly strong.  We must challenge our children to learn everything they can and to use creative thinking, adaptability, and mental capacity as they develop into tomorrow’s corporate and community leaders.  There is a whole world out there with limitless possibilities for people who can think globally and are capable of pursuing education and professional opportunities without borders or boundaries.  I am so excited to watch our children grow and learn. 

Which language(s) will you allow us to teach your child(ren) to speak?  

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