Childcare for Busy Moms


I have been a busy Mom for a very long time, since 2008, over a decade.  Since he was in a carrier, my now 5th grader, has been to conferences across the country, City Council meetings, public hearings, board meetings, even the Pentagon, all while Mommie worked.  This is the life of a Mom pursuing career, family, and trying to remain social in a triangulation seemingly more difficult than riding a unicycle, across a tight rope, while balancing a pole, but ohh so much more rewarding.  Motherhood has been by far the most validating and most challenging feat I have endeavored to pursue.  And yet, I have no regrets, no anxiety, no hesitation in saying it is my life’s most special accomplishment.  However, I think that all of this could be a lot less difficult with Verbose LLC.  My son is a calm, reserved kid, (Thank God!) this has allowed me to drag him to so many work commitments over the last eleven years.  However, I wanted to provide a childcare option in Verbose that will be available for Busy Moms like me, who sometimes wake up and realize that there is no school on a given day, while simultaneously they have off-site meetings, presentations, conference calls, and project deadlines that don’t allow them to just take the day and stay home to hangout.  I do, by the way, get a chance to do the latter sometimes, but there are far more other days when I have to say to my son, "grab your tablet, pack some snacks, bring a blanket, you’re coming with me."  I try to take him out to a really cool lunch on days like those, because I know it’s not the best-case scenario, even though I think it’s good for him to see what the real world looks like. 

Verbose LLC will be a place where Busy Moms can take kids on all Federal Holidays, even the ones that most people and employers don’t recognize, on all the school day-outs, especially the weird ones that fall in the middle of the week, and the Monday and Tuesday before school starts on a Wednesday.  Who makes these school calendars? I’m asking for a friend named Ma’Sanity.  Teachers, please don’t be offended.  I love you, God bless your patient souls!  I vote for increasing teaching salaries, education budgets, and I’m willing to pay the taxes to make sure my kids have great educational resources. But, I don’t know what’s going on during all these in-service days.  I’m just saying, I am legitimately curious why my kids have so many random days off.  More so, why there are no childcare facilities providing services on these days off.  Verbose LLC is my solution for Moms like me! 

Verbose LLC will be a place where Busy Moms can bring kids and rest assured that their child will receive engaging mental stimulation as well as healthy snacks and a ton of fun and edutainment.  I am so excited to be a resource to Busy Mom’s like me and to bring this exciting language-based school age program to Wichita!  My focus group (my 5th grader) has been to every camp in this city and he is excited to attend Verbose LLC as your kids will be too!   




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