Back to School!

Busy Moms, has your back to school storm calmed yet? Has your in-school routine been set? Or, are your little ones clinging to the memory of Summer; by trying to stay up late, not pulling out homework and school materials for review, wanting to watch TV on school nights, or asking, “has it been 30 minutes,” during reading time? If so, your household may be a lot like mine!

Let me offer you one helpful tip to make your back to school transition easier: enroll at Verbose Language Learning Center and add language learning to your childcare toolkit.  Kids can ride the school bus to and from the Center.  Verbose Language Learning Center is now providing language focused before and after school care that is competitively priced and offers a service not available anywhere else in the region!  It’s a “twofer,” you get awesome KDHE licensed childcare and your child will be learning another language while you work!

Language learning creates neuropathways in the brain and actually makes kids smarter! Conclusive scientific research has already been conducted on the intelligence levels of bilingual kids. Learning how to speak a second language has many advantages, and many studies have proven that bilingual kids are smarter than their monolingual peers and that they perform better across other subject areas in addition to scoring higher on standardized tests. In fact, there are some studies which even compare the differences in how the brain develops with bilingual and monolingual kids as result of new and different neuroconnections. Verbose Language Learning Center is competitively priced but having smarter kids is PRICELESS! Call for a tour today 316.202.8865.

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